Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Bunny?

Guerrilla Easter Eggs?  If you don't like someone's Easter eggs, take things into your own hands. Where I live in Colorado outside Easter egg hunts are rare as it's usually snowing.  Back when I lived in California some neighbors used to put out purple eggs for their kids, and some really cheap chocolate bunnies. I'm sure the kids enjoyed finding the eggs.  Then I decided to jazz things up a bit. Not only did the family's three kids come inside with purple eggs, but brightly colored orange ones as well.  And a peanut butter bunny, no less.  Now, the parents were baffled by this--and kind of worried. They knew this was not anything they'd set out.  

The Easter Bunny had simply gotten more generous in the eyes of the kids. The parents, however, were convinced some fiend was trying to poison their kids.  I do not know how things worked out that year--whether they were allowed to eat the mysterious orange eggs or not.  It was one of the best Easters I ever had.  

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