Saturday, March 5, 2016


Back a few years ago Hostess had Snowballs along with Twinkies and some other stuff. Then they fell on hard times. They’re back now and most stores have at least Twinkies on their shelves. I rarely see Snowballs.  They used to be pink. Around certain holidays they’d color them. St. Patrick’s Day they’d turn green. Around Easter they’d turn yellow.  And they were often orange for Halloween.  Now, in the few stores that have them, they’re white all the time.  They don’t change color anymore.  And they don’t seem to my palate to be as gooey. Whilst I like them, I liked the old ones better. Right now they’d be green as St. Patrick's Day approaches.  Every time they used to change color, I’d buy a package–maybe two.  I thought it was pure genius. 

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