Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bonded Agent Now Available

My new science fiction novel Bonded Agent is finally available. Although this is her first book, Sarah Meadows has appeared in five short stories. In spite of that, this was a tough book to get published. When I told editors it was about a Martian insurance agent they kind of glazed over. Sarah Meadows is actually more of an insurance adjustor, although she does have an insurance license.  In Sarah's world Mars is an independent republic with an uneasy relationship with Earth. 

Readers will quickly notice that her employer, The Gompers Insurance Company, isn't your ordinary insurer.  High risk coverage is an understatement as they insure cargos travelling by pirate infested asteroids and, rumor has it, they will even insure military spacecraft in the middle of a war.  Sarah gets hired at Gompers after graduating from the Martian School of Economics. With that, the blurb on the back cover follows:

They say graduates of the Martian School of Economics really go places. That’s certainly true for Sarah Meadows. After taking a job with the Gompers Insurance Company they send her to weapons training on her second day on the job. She’s soon parachuting out of space ships, hunting down cargo pirates and even trying to salvage a derelict vessel that may be haunted. Not to mention getting involved in a war between Earth and a reptilian race.

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