Monday, April 25, 2016

if it sucks?

"What if your book sucks?" A neighbor asked me recently.

"What's your point?" I replied.

"Don't you worry that your book may not be any good?" she asked.

"Nope."  There is no such thing as an empirically good or bad book, I tried to explain.  It's only a matter if the reader likes it or not.  For example, some people hate my guts and will detest everything they ever see with my name on it. To them my book most certainly would suck--even though they would never actually read it. Why anguish over them?

Then, there are the folks that actually read it, but don't really like it.  Well, sorry, that's the way it goes.

Then there are the readers who like the book.  While I wish I could find a few more of them, they are out there and they're why most authors write stuff.

So, the notion that there is some universally good or bad book, I believe, comes from the mindset of school--where teacher handed down a good or bad grade from God almighty.  Truth is, there is no such literary deity.  

Did my neighbor understand my concept?  Probably not.  But I doubt she'll read any of my books anyway.

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