Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Return to Science Fiction

You just thought I was through talking about my new book. Guess again.  I've had anthologies, short stories and the occasional review or article, but it's been a long time since I've had a novel published. I published The Brotherhood, which is about vampire monks.  Then I published three weird western novels: The Two Devils, The Devil's Due and the Dust Devil.   [Those three books are now reprinted in one big book called The Devil Draws Two].  And, in the meantime I've been editing horror books, and written some science fiction stories. I have a story in a new anthology Lightships & Sabers, for example. Last year year I edited a science fiction anthology simply called The Martian Anthology.

So, my point is, although I seem to be viewed more as a horror guy, I've always worked in both science fiction and horror, not to mention a little steampunk now and then.  It is my delight that I finally have a science fiction novel. It is not horror. It is not weird western. It is not steampunk.  It's good old science fiction.  It's got aliens and space ships and laser weapons.  

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