Sunday, May 15, 2016


Well, I don't understand why thousands of people aren't buying Lightships & Sabers. It's got my story "The Governor" in it.  I'd think that would line 'em up.  Heck, the other stories are pretty good, too. Here's a sample:

Crown Prince Agamar was soon dressed and in his office. The breakfast soup was palatable, but not really what he wanted. He sipped it as he looked over the latest reports from General Cervus. Those reports weren’t the problem.  They were short and to the point.  The minister’s reports were another matter.

Carson nervously placed a file in front of  Agamar, then stepped quickly away from the desk.  

Agamar looked at the report title. “Hearth? What’s happened now?”

“The Governor has been killed.  His shuttle was shot down,” Carson reported. “I’ve suggested a replacement.”

Agamar glanced at the file, looked toward the ceiling, rolled his eyes, then  said, “Quimby is a buffoon. How did you come up with him?”

“He’s not dead, my lord.  Everyone else we’ve sent has been killed within a week of their arrival. There aren’t many options left at this point,” Carson explained. 

Agamar scratched his chin as he gazed off at the ceiling.  “Good point.”

“There are those who fear Hearth may be ungovernable,” Carson said.

“How true, but I’ve just had an idea.  I know what name I’ll give to my father. Yes, this will work out quite well, Carson, just you see.”  The Crown Prince hurried for the Emperor’s chambers. “Very well, indeed.”

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