Monday, May 23, 2016

Og, no microwave

I have a built in microwave.  That means it costs more to replace than the common variety you pick up at you local big box store.  And it broke a few days ago.  I used it all the time, but gave it little thought.  Now its demise has given me plenty to think about.  How did cave men survive without microwaves?  Did they eat cold soup? How did they brew their tea?  No wonder we don't have too many cave men around these days.  I'll bet if they'd had microwaves, they'd still be around.  

And George Washington, he could've had hot soup in under a minute on those cold nights at Valley Forge if they'd had microwaves back then.  Yet Og and the other cavemen had to muddle along with charcoal as their cooking method.  Whilst I like charcoal for some things, leftover pizza right out of the microwave is better than leftover pizza heated up over charcoal--it just is.

I've been informed it'll be at least a week before a microwave that fits above my stove can be located and installed.  This is most discouraging.  

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