Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pie of the Month

Way back when, actually back in high school, my journalism class did some off things now and then. Right before Christmas vacation someone put a half eaten cherry pie above one of the chalkboards (they had these hook things for hanging maps and such).  To our surprise the janitor didn't pay it any mind. Well, after Christmas vacation, the pie had grown a very nice gray beard of mold.  Someone put sliced peaches for eyes and it kind of looked like Mr. Thomas, our teacher.  So Mr. Thomas hung out looking at us for a few days. Then he was gone.  We were hoping his beard would eventually make it to the floor. That pie influenced my psyche in certain ways. Those were the days. In adult world you can't just hang a pie on the wall and let it grow. Well I could, but, well, it's just not practical.  

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