Sunday, May 1, 2016


The grocery store I go to has all kinds of pudding--ready made. You just take it home and eat it. As long as you want chocolate or vanilla or that weird kind with the dead bugs in it.  If your tastes turn toward coconut, forget about it.  "Why can't you eat tapioca like everyone else?"

At least it's not instant pudding.  I've always hated instant pudding.  That was all we got growing up--my mother refused to make real pudding.  I couldn't even have any for my birthday.  I finally asked why and she said it burns.  Well, if you didn't use such high heat on everything you cook it wouldn't burn. It was talking to a wall. 

Sometimes they had chocolate pudding at school, but that was rare.  

So, imagine my surprise when they had banana pudding at the store. I bought some. It had a very strong artificial flavor. I didn't like. I've been depressed all day. Pudding issues run deep with me.

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