Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I'll be a participant at Leprecon in Phoenix this weekend at the Park Terrace Suites.. My schedule follows.  They're tapping my 19th century knowledge pretty heavily.

  • Flying Saucers of the 19th Century 3:00pm Friday the 24th
    Folks think Roswell was the start of UFO phenomena. Guess Again.
    1 hour in Suite E with David B. Riley and Hal C. F. Astell
  • Autograph Session 1:00pm Saturday the 25th 0.5 hours in Suite E with D.C. Fontana, David B. Riley, and Simon Driscoll
  • Science Fiction and Its Impact on Science Identity 2:00pm Saturday the 24th
    An exploration of how science fiction impacts those who pursue STEM careers.
    1 hour in Suite E with KellyAnn Bonnell, David B. Riley, and Dr. David Williams
  • Advice to the New Author 6:00pm Saturday the 25th
    A panel of authors with varying levels of experience giving advice to those starting out.
    1 hour in Suite E with Ben Woerner, Simon Driscoll, Austin Aslan, and David B. Riley
  • 19th Century Martians 10:30am Sunday the 26th
    Why did large numbers of people in the 19th century believe there was life on Mars? Canals were everywhere. Inventors were receiving radio signals from Mars.
    1 hour in Suite E with David B. Riley and Hal C. F. Astell


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