Saturday, July 16, 2016

Attractions close at 7 pm

I live in what's called a gated community.  There are quite a few of them in Arizona. Whether they truly keep the riff raff out is open to speculation. I guess they make the residents feel more secure. Only it's only partly gated. We have a wide open view of the desert. I was sitting on a bench near the swimming pool last night when somebody let out a shriek. Seems there was a diamondback rattlesnake crawling across the lawn.  There is honest-to-god desert 50 yards from where this snake was.  Snake was likely headed home.  Then the lady's husband said "Get something to kill it."

I got up off the bench and approached them.  "What's going on?"

"There's a rattlesnake."

"I know that," said I.

"We need something to kill it.:"

I drew my 9mm out of its holster.  "A bit loud."  [Yes, I have a concealed carry permit].  I reholstered it.  "Oh, looks like it's getting away."  I went home, just as the snake seemed to be across the lawn. It only had a few feet to go..  

Live out in the desert and get upset when desert creatures are spotted.  Problem is, the snake was the wrong kind of desert creature.  Folks love all the quail we have running around.  The deer caused a stir a few days ago.  But that serpent must be killed.  Not by me.  I would never shoot  a snake because it's crawling across a field.  It wasn't  hurting anyone.   Leave animals alone and they'll leave you alone.  My distraction gave the snake time to escape.  

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