Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Here are some tidbits about me. I decided not to call them interesting tidbits, because they may not be all that interesting.

My first novel published was the Two Devils.

I drive a Ford.  The car before that was a Ford. The car before that was a Ford.  The car before that was a Ford.  The car before that was a Plymouth.

My first short story published was "The Orb." It appeared in a little publication called Virgin Meat. It has been reprinted elsewhere.

My first fish I ever caught was a rainbow trout at some small lake in Colorado.

My most recent novel is Bonded Agent.  I dearly wish a few thousand people would order a copy.

I live in a manufactured home in Arizona.  I am officially trailer trash.

Although I really like dogs, I have never actually owned one.

I've never been outside of North America.

Favorite pizza topping: pineapple and pepperoni.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia.

Favorite movie:  Kill Bill

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