Sunday, September 18, 2016

out of ketchup, oh my!

I went to a fast food outlet today to grab some lunch.  Well, I noted the hot sauce and ketchup were nowhere to be seen. “Are you out of ketchup?” I asked.

“How many you want?” one of the employees asked.


“Homeless people keep taking them all.  We had to put them behind the counter.”

Go back two days.  I was in line at the grocery store.  The guy in front of me was unable to come up with the ninety-five cents he was short.  He was buying basics like chicken and orange juice, not beer and cookies. I handed the clerk the money he was short.  You’d have thought I donated a kidney the way he acted.  He was Mexican and didn’t speak much English.  One “gracias” would have sufficed.

I usually don’t bring politics into this blog. but there’s something wrong when there’s no discussion at all without congressional candidates who only have eyes for tax cuts for millionaires and getting rid of people’s health care when people are so desperate for food they’re taking ketchup from restaurants.  The fellow in the grocery store couldn’t cover an $8.00 bill. For a country that has the wealth this one does, can’t we do better?  Apparently not.

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