Tuesday, September 6, 2016

To Boldly Go

The 50th anniversary has arrived.  Fifty years of boldly going.  I still remember my first episode.  Didn't care for it much.  It was the first Harry Mudd episode where he was bringing women for miners in some godforsaken hellhole.  Problem was I was quite young when Star Trek came out and I didn't really understand it.  Over time Star Trek caught on in syndication, then the movies, then next generation, then DS 9 then Voyager then more movies.  

Back to my first episode.  I had never heard of Star Trek. I was a little kid.  I had just discovered Batman.  Who needed this guy with pointy ears and no apparent super powers?  But my mother was watching it. Huh? She was watching Star Trek.  I never did figure that out.  The mere thought of reading a science fiction book would send her into a coma. But she was right there in the living room watching it nonetheless.  Over time, meaning by the next week, I do not recall her ever watching it again.  And I started watching it and watching it and watching it.  

So, I don't really know what all Paramount has planned in the way of dancing girls and ice cream and such.  But the Postal Service has just released a set of Star Trek commemorative stamps.  I've got mine.


  1. Like you, I was hooked on Batman at first. My mom was never really a Star Trek fan, but my brother was, and I started watching because of him.

  2. Sure has changed sci fi, and for the better. I started watching TNG with dad. Seen every episode, though it's been a while.