Monday, October 10, 2016

Good Eats?

I don't normally review restaurants. I went by Olive Garden just after 11 am today, Monday Oct 10th., while I was doing some other shopping at the Spectrum Mall in Tucson. Since the parking lot was nearly empty I naively assumed I could grab a quick lunch.  I was seated promptly by the hostess--right next to a big group of very loud women. And there I sat and sat and sat.  No one ever came by and offered beverages and acknowledged me, let alone actually take my order  At 25 minutes I got up and walked out the door.  I wonder if they ever noticed I'd left.  

When a restaurant is getting slammed I understand a customer might get lost in the crossfire.  And, as I was by myself, I know I'm a low priority for servers since I'm not as likely to generate much in the way of tips.  But this place was not busy.  Except for the group and a few other tables, the place was empty.  And still I was ignored.  I seriously doubt I'll ever go back there again.  Too bad, as I really like their soup.  

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