Thursday, October 13, 2016

J A Campbell Interview

Colorado author J. A. Campbell stops by this blog for a short interview about her new collection of stories in Brown: Ghost Hunting Dog volume 2.

DBR Brown, she’s not from around here is she? What time period does she live in?

JAC  Brown’s stories come to us from the early 1900’s and take place predominantly in the American west, but occasionally she ventures east.

DBR What made you want to do another Brown collection?
JAC Honestly, I kept getting asked for one by fans. They come to my table at conventions and ask for another collection, so I figured I should oblige.

DBR Why ghosts?  Why not zombies or criminals?
JAC Brown has a way with ghosts, and enjoys fighting them. It’s that border collie eye. Also the first anthology invite that inspired her stories was a ghost story anthology. However, she’s helped put a few criminals away too, usually at a ghost’s request. Zombies . . . well . . . she hasn’t encountered them yet, but maybe someday.

DBR What does it take to make a dog character believable?
JAC  You have to do just enough humanization that people can relate with the character, but also add in enough dog, that the character is believable. Think about how dogs experience the world . . . through their noses. Scents are super important to include if you’re writing from a dog’s POV, along with keeping in mind that they will understand some things quite well, perhaps better than a human would, and others not very well at all.

DBR Brown’s one weakness is Elliott, her human.  Do we learn anything new about him this time around?
JAC  I feel like Elliott has grown a bit as a character through the stories. He’s more confident in his abilities and he and Brown’s reputation. However, I don’t feel like there are any startling revelations about his character in this book, other than that he’s turned into an all around decent guy. He used to be something of a con artist.

DBR What’s your favorite Brown tale?
JAC   That’s a tough one. Even though there aren’t ghosts in it, I think Brown vs. the Martians is my favorite published tale. My other favorite is Brown in Allosaurus Wrecks. It has a ghost in it. A very large one. This story isn’t in the upcoming collection. It’s due to be published in a weird western anthology in July.

DBR Did Brown really save earth from Martian invaders in vol 1? Any other take offs from ghosts in volume 2?
JAC Yes, Brown really saved earth from the Martians. She even went to space to rescue her human and a Plutonian. In this collection, along with ghosts, Brown and her half-plutonian puppies battle mechanical sheep gone bad, con artists, sheep-rustlers, and a whole host of new ghosts, including plant ghosts.

DBR Who’s going to like Brown? Is this a YA book or does it go for an older market?
JAC While this book is YA friendly, it’s designed for all ages of ghost and dog story lovers. The first collection has fans of all ages, and I think this one will appeal to a wide audience as well.

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