Monday, October 31, 2016

Trick er Treat

Halloween has changed over the years, going from a kid holiday to more of an adult holiday.  But, little kids that can barely say "trickertreet" will be out there. The eye holes on their costumes are too small and they often trip because their costumes are too long.  Slow down if you're on the road and for god sake mom don't make your kid wear a coat over his costume.  Making kids wear coats over their costumes will make them become retarded and no one wants that.  If you have older kids and that carton of eggs you could swear you bought disappears tonight, well just let it be and don't ask any questions.

If you have any four legged friends, keep in mind Halloween is baffling to them.  We used to have a golden retriever who loved to get dressed up in costume and go trick or treating (and he got a lot of treats). that said, for most dogs all these people coming to the door is baffling and if your dog must be in costume, keep eye holes really really big.  Dogs are claustrophobic to a bit.  They don't like to feel confined.  And realize once fido understands it's okay for people to come to the house he'll be okay (ha).

Oh, those Butterfingers and Kit Kats are yummy.  Some of that cheap crap, not so much.  And bake your apples into a pie--kids don't want them.

And Linus will be hanging out in the pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin to come and visit. If that ain't a reason to avoid wild mushrooms I don't know what is. And Charlie Brown will get rocks in his bag--that's mean.

Have fun and Happy Halloween

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