Friday, October 7, 2016

voting rights act

I had a discussion last summer that I was thinking about again as I drifted off from that horrible debate the other night.  This person, Sheila, told me she always votes for the last person in each category, and didn't bother to learn anything about any issue on the ballot.  Apparently,  her father discovered this and is very upset with her. He thinks she should use her sacred right carefully and with due diligence. Frankly, I rather like her approach.  As long as the candidates are selected at random, and they are in most states, then she's leaving to fate who gets elected much as one lets the quick pick computer select one's lottery ticket.  

People can use whatever means they wish to vote even if it's ridiculous.  I asked about propositions. Her answer: she votes yes on everything.  I kind of wish she'd vote no, as most of these propositions that bypass the legislative process give us poorly worded unworkable laws.

Back a few years when I still lived in California I rolled dice to select my ballot choices. I only did it once.  If you try that, mark a sample ballot. Don't make those poor people who have been standing in line wait for you to keep tossing your dice or flipping your coin.

With early mail in voting, I've wondered if people will start selling the right to fill in their ballot. Gee, I wonder what that might be worth.  How do you get Craig's List again? *

*the blog owner is not advocating selling votes, but simply having thoughts about the voting process.

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