Friday, November 18, 2016

Feeling gypped

When I was a young lad they would have some guy at halftime fly from one end of a football field to the other.  Big deal.  But, people were dullards back then and everyone oohed and awed. 

I also remember my mom took me down to the local excuse for a shopping center and they were supposed to have robots.  And they had big shiny gold and silver robots.  Only–they were on wires and not wireless and I followed the wires to some van and the guy in the van was trying to talk to us kids, but the robots weren’t working. They just stood there.  And that was that.

And we were told by knowledgeable people when we grew up we’d all get around in flying saucers and cars would be obsolete. In fact, we’d soon by living a lot like the Jetsons they would tell us. We'd have talking robots to prepare our meals and do laundry whilst everyone zoomed to work in comfortable flying saucers.  

And my math teacher said we’d all be on the metric system by 1984.

And I’m still waiting for the factory to deliver my flying saucer. Damn, do I feel gypped.  None of this stuff ever happened.  Oh, the robot part sort of did. They have robots in factories making refrigerators and cars and stuff.  But a robot to serve me, that ain’t happening.  And don't get me started on the metric system. 

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