Monday, November 28, 2016

Jury Duty continued

Well, I still don't know what it's like to be on a jury.  We were told they don't need us and we have to come back next month and try again. At least you can call in and see if they need you before driving downtown.

Random thoughts:

Why do they think our time is valueless?  They only pay $12 a day.  That's a day, amigos, not an hour.  I guess we may get some mileage as well, but they're kind of vague on that.  

If they had comely lasses who go around and give neck rubs that would make it a lot more popular--at least with me.   A golden retriever to play ball with would be nice.  But money would do it.  Self employed people like truck drivers or plumbers lose a lot of money going in  to jury duty. Until they actually fairly compensate people for their time, people are not going to want to do this. I doubt anyone cares.  Free parking doesn't exist in downtown Tucson. Free parking would help.  Or they could send bus vouchers.  

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