Thursday, December 1, 2016

Books is good gifts

The only gifts I've given out that the recipient didn't like are gift cards, which they used to call gift certificates.  It's the least you can do.  And I've rarely given them out.  They say Prancer mauls people who give out gift cards, but it could just be a rumor. For the really out of it, Prancer is one of Santa's reindeer.

On the other hand no one has punched me or even acted angry when I've given them books.  So, if you're trying to decide what to give out for Christmas, let me suggest some of my books.  Crass commercialism? Probably.   For those who want to pick up something immediately, I'll also mention that at least some of my books are available in Chicago at Quimby's Bookstore.  In Denver at Broadway Book Mall. and in Tucson at Mostly Books on Speedway. Everything is available on Amazon.  Most near everything is available through any bookstore that can order through Ingram Distribution.  And a lot of my stuff is available  at Book Depository, which is an English outfit that ships worldwide.  If you don't see it, ask.  

Bonded Agent, my most recent book, is a science fiction novel about a Martian insurance adjustor.

Heat of the Midday Sun is an anthology I edited of weird western horror stories.  

The Martian Anthology is an anthology of science fiction stories involving everyone's favorite planet.

Gunslingers & Ghost Stories is one of my better selling endeavors. It's western ghost stories.

Six Guns Straight From Hell 2 is another anthology of weird westerns.

Low Noon is an out of print weird western anthology that's still around from used book stores.

The Devil Draws Two is a collection of three novels [that's novels, not short stories] in one big book. This is the entire history of Miles O'Malley thus far, anyway. Set in 1880, it's a ripping good adventure through the Wild West.

Buy some books.  And remember, no one who put books under the tree has ever been mauled by Prancer. 

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