Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mule Deer

Well, I knew moving to the Sonoran Desert from Colorado was going to be an adjustment.  One thing I never expected to encounter were mule deer.  It seems they're everywhere.  In my case they've suddenly started attacking my two ash trees I planted a few months ago.  Apparently, tree leaves is good eats.  

I've always been amazed at how hideously ugly this particular type of deer are.  They look like some mad scientist somehow spliced together the head of a mule with the body of a deer.  Back in Colorado people somehow kept mistaking Elk for mule deer.  They'd come in all happy and inform me they'd seen a mule deer.  "We don't have mule deer around here. You've seen an elk." I would say without even looking up from my paperwork.   The forlorned traveler would venture back to his room disappointed.  At least there aren't any elk attacking my trees. These are mule deer and I can tell the difference.  My neighbors might get a bot miffed if I take up deer hunting tonight. 

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