Saturday, December 3, 2016

Then there's banks

When I was in junior high school my math teacher said we wouldn't have cash by the 21st century.  Along came high school and my history teacher made the same statement.  In Tucson armed guards at banks are not at all unusual. So we have guards guarding something we shouldn't have anymore.  Of course I already knew that.  I read science fiction.  Back in those days it was mostly Heinlein.  First the juveniles and then the regular books.  Some of Heinlein's  books were kind of racy--especially to the 12-year-year-old.  But no one  cared.  Neither of my parents would touch a science fiction book. I could read them all day and no one cared. Glory Road entered my life about that age.  Plum filthy.  And no one cared. Science fiction was my own little universe.  And in more than one Heinlein book cash money was on the way out. So, when my teachers told me this grand revelation was coming I already knew it because I read science fiction,

Armed guards may be guarding money.  I was recently asked to guard something else.  The word is out in our compound that I write.  One neighbor's niece apparently liked a book  I've already had out--but it was a book I EDITED. She got it at school, as best we can figure. Or possibly her public library. My most similar NOVEL is the Two Devils.  Ergo my dilemma. Should I mention the sexual content and get  auntie all worked up or just remain silent?  Two Devil' is mild, but has this angel from hell who has a real sexual lust for the main character.  I never did understand teenage girls. So I figured to err on the side of caution and assured my neighbor to send her a copy and it would all be fine.

And I'm glad the guard out there is keeping my money safe. No Heinlein for him, that's for sure. Concentrate on them criminals trying to get at my money.

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