Monday, January 2, 2017

Painful New Year

Started out the new year in pain.  We went to a Chinese restaurant on New Years Eve.  Well, I took a header on a slick spot on the floor.  Good news is nothing was broken. Bad news is I've got some painful bruises on my knees, which took most of the impact.  

Of course the restaurant denies any responsibility.  If I had broken anything and gone to the hospital this would've been a painful and expensive adventure.  Why did I go down?  Don't really know.  Eat there again? Hell no.  It's given me a more sympathetic view of the falls and spills lawsuits, though I'm not going there--stuff happens and negligence is hard to prove when you don't even know what happened. Best theory--it was raining. Wet shoes and floors that aren't getting cleaned properly for grease.  

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