Saturday, January 21, 2017


People don't like me. I guess there are a lot of reasons for that. One reason is I don't care for syrup.  Yep, that stuff people put on their pancakes.  I've never really cared for it.  Growing up we had to eat products from one food company my dad worked for. The brand of syrup they sold, well I won't say, but it had a ghastly smell that permeated the entire house. When I was old enough to read the label, I discovered it was only about 5% real syrup. The rest was sugar and "flavorings."  It's those "flavorings" that did me in.  I reached a point where I simply could not stand the smell of it or eat it on waffles or anything else.  

Sure, I've been told that real syrup that's just syrup is good.  I get that.  But I've been conditioned to equate syrup with those horrible Sunday mornings when we had pancakes and bacon and the house stunk of this horrible product I wanted to throw up.  I stopped eating syrup when I got older and realized I could do things like that.  But if I eat pancakes and just put butter on them, people stare at me in horror. If I'm with a group, I'm ridiculed and never invited to anything with syrup again. Relatives are even worse.  Around my uncle [now deceased] or my father, they'd get angry with me in a restaurant if I didn't put syrup on my pancakes or waffles--so I learned to order something that didn't require syrup like oatmeal to avoid the confrontation.  

Flavored pancakes, like blueberry, don't require syrup as you can pour blueberry sauce and get whipped cream on them.  But plain old pancakes, like at a certain chain restaurant over by the university, well that still makes people hate me.  I thought my waitress was going to hit me when I ordered a stack of pancakes and just put butter on them last week.  

This is not the brand we had to eat, it just represents syrup in general. 

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