Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ground Hog

For the past decade I've tried to get people to celebrate Ground Hog's Day.  No, not by seeing if some creature supposedly saw his shadow.  By eating sausage.  Sausage?  Sausage is made from ground hog--end of story.  I've gotten emails telling me ground hogs aren't related to pigs and are from the marmot family.  Of course. I never said they were.  I said people should eat sausage because sausage is ground hog. It is. They take hogs and grind them up.  And tho I wander the valley of ignorance, I shall persist in spreading the word that thou must partake in sausage, tho thou ridicules me for my beliefs.  Just as Charlie Brown's friend, Linus, faced ridicule for telling people about the Great Pumpkin, I too shall be ridiculed for telling everyone to go forth and eat sausage on February 2nd.  

So sayeth me.

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