Sunday, February 26, 2017

Oscar Who? No mom, go back to sleep.

Too many awards shows, me thinks. Can't watch the Oscars as it's on opposite The Walking Dead.  Nuff said. I won't even answer the phone during the Walking Dead.

My mother was one of those people who would always open the front door if someone knocked. And would always answer the phone if it rang.  Frankly, if someone's at the door at two AM, perhaps opening it may not be the best answer.  

"What if it's an emergency?" she would always counter.  

"What if it's Cox?" I would point out.  Keep the doors locked and don't answer that phone.  

Back in my early days the neighbor's house was on fire and they came knocking on our door, even though two other houses were closer.  And, of course, my mom answered it and called the fire department.   And henceforth always used the emergency defense. And I would counter: "What if it's Mike Cox?"  It seemed I had the superior argument.

After she died, I was at my dad's house and smelled smoke when I was taking the dog out for a walk. I started to call the fire department, then a fire engine came roaring down the street and I figured they did not need me. But no one was at the door. I just smelled smoke. That would have been different. It could have been Cox.

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