Monday, March 6, 2017

Death & Taxes

I had a discussion about taxes recently.  I argued it didn't matter.  The people get screwed and that's that. Furthermore, if the feds cut too much, then the states have to fund road improvements and indigent care so gas taxes or sales taxed must go up.  So, the result is it simply comes out of a different pocket.  So go forth to a taco truck and have some food. It just doesn't matter.

The Donald is not going to fly Air Force One out to Area 51 to see the parked flying saucers.  So, I don't really care about what else he does.  Oprah is gonna run for president and I doubt she'll go out to Area 51 either.  I didn't have the guts to cross the line and get shot.  However, I doubt they would've shown me the flying saucers.  

By the way, the government could really cut the deficit if they started giving Area 51 tours and charge admission. 

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