Saturday, March 25, 2017


A year ago I still lived in the mountains of Colorado and it was still snowing. Hah! Now I'm in sunny Tucson. That said, I don't know why people garden. If it's for food, a lot of the stuff  we grow can be had cheaper at the grocery story. But there's just something about ruining you clothes and getting dirt in your hair that people can't resist. I've planted trees this spring--not technically a garden. The west side of my house had no shade.  Six trees, two lemon and four ash, and in a few years I may have some serious shade.

But my father just planted tomatoes. He can't wait for vine ripened tomatoes. 

And my brother and his wife, well you can't hardly get into their yard they've got so much stuff growing.

As for me, I stuck with trees because I'm not allowed to have fencing [It's one of our rules]. We've got jackrabbits and mule deer running around looking for gardens to destroy.  So I decided I'd get beans and onions from the store because these horrible mule deer eat darn near everything.

And if you grow strawberries I'll be right over.

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