Friday, March 24, 2017

It's All My Dad's Fault

A lot of the things that our economy is struggling with are my dad's fault.  Pensions, funding Medicare, lack of housing--these are all my dad's fault. And he freely admits it.  As he was growing up, most men lived into their late fifties or early sixties.  That was it. Then they keeled over and died. This meant pensions only had to cover a few years of payouts.  Yet, there he sits drawing Social Security, drawing a pension, getting his medical bills covered by Medicare and even taking up a house that could be used to house a family just starting out.

All this because he will not die.  He readily admits if he'd die then the strain his generation is causing will go away.  Back in his day doctors didn't worry much about cholesterol, men smoked a lot, and  men dropped dead right where pensions and the government wanted them to.  

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