Sunday, March 26, 2017


I’ve talked before about farting in elevators and some do’s and don’t’s.  Well, when I was recently on jury duty I got so bored all I could think of was lunch break.  As soon as the bailiff released us I went to the top floor.  They had like six elevators, no waiting.

Now the key to elevator farting is you cut one at the end of the line when there’s no one else inside.  Then you step out and send the elevator to the far end of the building. So this was going from the 10th floor down ot the ground.  I cut one and sent it away. I knew the lower floors had full elevator cars.  So people would pack in and start wondering who amongst them had farted, not realizing it had come from an unseen enemy on an unseen floor. 

This lept me amused until it was time to back to the courtroom to be told I would not be needed.

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