Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Steps to the Future

When I was little I used to watch something called Rocky Jones, Space Ranger.  This guy and friends kept flying around saving worlds that seemed to always want to run into each other.  I guess he must've done some other things.  Well, it seems this show was syndicated starting in the 1950s and has more or less long faded off to obscurity. That's even older than me. But it was on when I was little and I watched it.  It was a harmless enough show with fairly high production values for its day.  I watched an episode off my Amazon Prime yesterday.  I doubt I'll watch any more.  What worked for a kid doesn't always work for a geezer.  They flew in a tall rocket. It had steps on the side.  All I could think about was having to keep climbing up and down those steps. Somehow, climbing steps gets less and less appealing as I get older.  

At least Star Trek didn't have steps?  Guess again. At least Next Generation did. They were Jefferies Tubes and were  used by Scottie and Spock in the original and a few times in Voyager as well. I'll stay on Earth and apply for my handicapped parking permit.  They can keep their stairs in the future. 

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