Saturday, April 1, 2017

Comic Book Characters

It seems since Disney took over Marvel there are comic book movies everywhere.  Well, I'd like to recommend a few new ones. I'll wait by the phone for  Marvel to call. These characters are:

Gastro--can make people poop on command.  Who is really going to flee a crime scene or put up much of a fight while his pants are filling up with poop?  Especially the yucky green diarrhea kind.

Skunk Man has the same glands a skunk has and can let fly with that noxious smell anytime he wants.  Who needs kryptonite when you've got skunk spray?   

Tree Man can instantly become a tree to hide from any enemy. Just try and pick him out of a forest.  Then he can turn back to a human and run away.

Benjamin Franklin Man thinks he's Ben Franklin. He flies a kite that's equipped to lob an enemy's head off. It also attracts lightning for some reason.

Smokin Hot Babe likes to take bubble baths with aging writers.  Well, it works for me.

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