Saturday, April 8, 2017

Mail Boxes

Why are mail boxes so darned complicated?  Yeah, the big blue ones  outside most post offices. Pick any box you like during the daytime and park nearby. It won't take long and some pathetic individual  will drive up to it.  Then that person will fumble around, seaming unable to figure out how to open their window.  Then they'll fumble around and seem unable to gather up their letters.  They will place them in the mail box one at a time.  At this phase it's not unusual for them to drop one. Then they will sit there for some inexplicable reason. Then they will struggle to roll up their window. Then they will try and start their motor even though it is already on. Mercifully, they will finally drive away.Try it for yourself if you dare.. These people always show up. They never let me down.

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