Sunday, May 28, 2017

First expedition, summer

My brother talked me into going along on an expedition out in the forests of eastern Arizona.  So, off we went.  We saw some deer. I got to see a wild turkey.  And, we were amazed to discover there were fish in a stream that we didn't think could possibly be year around.  The fish, we aren't sure what they are. That will require another expedition.  

And the old SUV got a flat tire.  The air pump didn't work.  The can of tire goop was defective.  So we had to go with a donut spare.  Not sure why they call them that.  No bars of service on the old cell phone.  We were out in the sticks.  I guess we could've spent the night and dined on fish stew, but we chose to drive 100 miles on the donut spare to get home.  

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