Thursday, May 4, 2017

Service my ass

My cable and Internet went out yesterday. It is so frustrating dealing with these companies. They simply will not help. “I’ll send a a reset signal.”  There was a problem with the Internet cable across the street from me. No reset signal is going to fix that.  My neighbor’s house was not installed correctly and it all sort of unravelled knocking out me and my neighbor.  Once a technician came out it was quickly repaired.  But these companies do not want to send someone out because that costs money.  Damn it, if you’re going to provide this type of service you need to deal with service problems and stop blowing customers off.

Then they call me and survey my opinion on their crappy survey.  Well I was happy with the repair guy. But they didn't ask about the hassles to keep me from getting a repair guy which I had to go through. 

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