Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Can you imagine such a thing?

People have a tendency to tell me it's hot in Arizona.  Yeah, I kind of figured that already.  Can you imagine 107 degrees Fahrenheit?  Probably. It sort of depends on where you live.  Parts of the Midwest and places like California see those temperatures--but it's usually over a few days, not a few months as it is here. And, of course, we even see 110 and maybe even 115 now and then. What's scary is this past weekend my air conditioner broke down.  It took until yesterday to get it fixed.  As your ceiling fans rumble along and sweat rolls down you brow as the thermometer inside your home goes past 90 and just keeps on climbing, that's when things suddenly aren't that much fun and I'm looking at snow pictures from when I lived in Colorado.  Uh, maybe I can stay at my dad's house. He has a guest bedroom. And his air conditioner is working.

Ah, thank God for repair technicians, or HVAC guys as I think they're called.  Now my house is nice and cool.  If your roommate was Frosty the snowman, a weekend like this would mean a large puddle in your living room and an ad on Craig's List for a new one.  Why a snowman would want to live in Arizona seems odd, probably for the views and the abundant Mexican food.

Frosty the Snowman does Cinco De Mayo? Hmm

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