Sunday, June 18, 2017

Flounder's Gone

Well, I just read Flounder died.  Stephen Furst will forever be thought of as Flounder, at least by those of us who were coming of age when Animal House came out.  Alas, I've noticed the younguns have never seen the full movie in a theater, only some edited version of it.  It's the comedic timing and wonderful lines that made this film so darn special.  Go see the movie, just get the original and not the PG version I'm told is out there. It's actually a mild movie, carrying an R rating for a little bit of raunchy language and a few very brief tit scenes.  

Nuff said about Animal House itself. Furst was an overweight dork who pledged with Animal House because no one would take him.  and, one of the best lines in the movie is "Face it Flounder, you fucked us. You trusted us." But, without context, the lines is meaningless. That's why I warn off the over edited versions of this movie.  It's one of the funniest movies ever made, but there are edited versions of the same film that are unwatchable.  

Furst had decent roles as Dr. Axelrod in St. Elsewhere and on Babylon 5.

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