Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Wednesdays are garbage day where I live.  In our community we have one company that picks up our trash. My brother lives about three miles away. They have a choice of four different trash companies. Needless to say, their cans are bigger and they pay a little less. Ain't competition wonderful?  Of course, we have recycling as well.  Today my can was packed full. The reason: I cleaned out my refrigerator. Nothing really disgusting, just some stuff past its prime. There were some hot dogs and I could not read the expiration. And some beans from a year ago. Still, nothing disgusting.  

Below is a trash truck, or at least a picture of one.  i wish I'd had a toy trash truck when I was little. I asked Santa for one,more than once, but never got one.  I thought it would be cool to play garbage truck. My mother did not agree.  she got real mad at me.

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