Friday, June 16, 2017

Gas tank

I have this annoying habit. I'm one of those people that lets his gas tank run down really low before filling it--what they call fumes. Only at the last second do I swing into a gas station and fill it back up.  No one understands why I do this.  It's because I don't like buying gas.  There's nothing fun or enjoyable about it.  Alas, Oregon remains the only state that won't let you fill up your car.  Now, I'm perfectly able to fill it, i just don't like doing it.  Ergo, I wait until the warning message on my car says I only have five miles left. then I start looking or a station.  Tucson is really sprawled out. You could be more than five miles from a station, depending on where you are.  I am taking unnecessary risks.  Yet I keep doing it. Must be something wrong with me.

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