Monday, June 12, 2017

supermarket wars

Well, every now and them one of these supermarket queens sets me off.  You know the type, they block the aisle or ram their cart into me or cut in front of me in line.  I've been officially thrown out of four grocery stores by managers after I retaliated, as the old bats are always right.  Well, I don't stand there and scream any longer.  Nowadays I just slip things into their grocery order by moving into the next line and tossing something on the conveyor or simply tossing an item in their cart. 

This dreadful woman cut in front of me in line at the meat counter and insisted she was next, although she was not.  Five boxes of Imodium,the anti diarrhea medicine, appeared in her cart at check out.  As has happened before with others of her kind, she do not notice and the items were bagged and off she went with them. Yes,  she took them from her cart and did not notice. That's why I like this technique.  Piss me off in the store and you're gonna pay for stuff you didn't even know you bought. 

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