Friday, July 28, 2017

More on Surgery

Had surgery yesterday to remove some tumors from my nose.  Surgery hurts.  To avoid opioid  addiction, doctors are getting pretty stingy with pain killers.  I want morphine. I'm paying lots of money. Give me morphine.  The good news was my surgery was laser surgery and it only hurt for about half a day.  then the pain subsided and it was over.  

There's something about surgery, trusting one's life to somebody you just met.  But surgery can do a lot to improve life.  Back in Roman days there was a surgeon named Galen who was way ahead of his time. He was so skilled he even did things like remove cataracts.  He tended to cater to the nobility as they could pay cash and poor folks couldn't.  [And that looks like where we're heading with health care, but I digress[.  Anyway, Galen was it if you were sick back then.  A lot of doctors were actually Greek. But they were far more advanced than what came later.  A lot was lost to the plague, which I've written about before.  A Roman citizen could get surgery, with anaesthesia,  and John Adams daughter was given blood letting for her breast cancer in the 1700s.  Yes, it's my theory much of what brought on the dark ages was a direct result of the plague.  It was not lead water pipes and it was not the plague.  History books for schools are written by morons because they have to be approved by politicians in order to get purchased. 

Burned flesh has an odd smell.  I inhaled some of that fragrance while they were working on me.  

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