Thursday, August 10, 2017

19th century saucers

I have two presentations I used to give fairly often to any willing group of people. One was "Flying Saucers of the 19th Century." The other one was "The Great Airship of 1897."  I haven't given either one in some time.  The reason: hecklers.  People actually singled me out to disrupt my talks. It wasn't just a one time thing, but an obvious pattern. So, I tired of it and stopped talking.  Censorship in another form?  Well, I can't prove it.

In both presentations, there is solid evidence that there were aircraft flying around in the 1800s that should not have existed.  In particular, the Great Airship of 1896--1897 definitely was beyond the capabilities of balloons and other lighter than air craft as it had a powerful electric spotlight and an ability to travel at over 100 mph. This is well documented. And, most of the books and articles are wrong. I've explained why I think they're wrong. And I, unlike some others writing or speaking on this, don't have the answers to all of the questions. 

Glowing objects over Civil War battlefields. Yep. People don't want to hear it. It upsets their sensibilities.  The story of the airship is kept in obscurity. Historians and writers won't tough it.Yet thousands of people saw it. The State of California held legislative hearings on it.   And I was often not allowed to discuss this.  event.

In many ways, the 1800s cases are more straightforward than the muddle that is the post WW II time when people usually think UFOs showed up. Back then, there weren't other aircraft in the sky. Anything up there bigger than a bird did not belong. But, after being repeatedly disrupted I kind of gave up. I haven't proposed these topics now in about three years.  And I'm not likely to bring these up for an audience at a con or elsewhere anytime soon.

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