Saturday, August 12, 2017

Book Festival

So many cons and events wait until the last minute to let you know what, if anything, they want you to do.  That's why it's been a real pleasure to deal with the Tempe Festival of Books.  I've got an author invite for this one day book fair that's held Saturday, November 4th.  I've already got my schedule. They offered me a table to sell books from, but I decided to consign with Duncans Books instead. And I've already got my schedule. I'll be on a panel discussion about writing science fiction. For a one-day event, one panel isn't at all bad. I'll have plenty of time to talk to other participants and attend some of the other events they have planned. 

This event is being run by the Tempe Library.  They've been great about communicating and I'm really looking forward to it. If you live in the Phoenix  area, you might stop by. This doesn't look like it's anything close to the huge size of the Tucson Book Festival, which is simply huge.  But that may be a good thing. 

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