Friday, August 18, 2017

Off to doctor

Going to the dermatologist today for follow up on my surgery.  I have struggled with tumors on my nose for the past few years.  It's been awful.  They're not malignant, but they've been growing nonetheless--making my nose slowly change shape and become more and more the nose of some sort of troll or something.  Children would simply stare at it.  And I couldn't get a doctor to help me.  I'd go from one dermatologist to plastic surgeon than a few more dermatologists and all of them kissed it off and refused to remove it.  Finally, the nightmare ended when I found a dermatologist who was willing to remove them. The surgery only took an hour and it only hurt for about a day.  And, I hope this is the last visit and I can mark this chapter in my life as over.  I am so happy. 

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