Friday, August 4, 2017

robots from outer space

Forget foreign competition.  It's not the Chinese or the Mexicans that want your job. Nope, it's the robots.  They work all day and never even ask for a lunch break. And they don't even want a benefit plan. They're quietly taking over.  At my library you don't check books out from a librarian, it's a robot. My doctor doesn't have a receptionist.  You check in with a robot.  Type in your name and click a button and sit down and the medical assistant will come get you.  

Who needs cops writing tickets when a camera at the corner will do?  Heck, burglar alarms are being replaced with little cameras. Won't be long and they'll probably hook up tasers to them and not only alert the owner but capture the crooks as well. What's a burglar supposed to do? It's enough to make them go straight. 

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