Thursday, August 24, 2017

This ain't England

Cops in England and some southern states use flashing blue lights.  Every cop I've ever seen in Arizona had blue and RED flashing lights.  Wednesday night, as some of you know, I'm addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper, a strange vile liquid no one but me likes.  I didn't have any so I headed of to Safeway around 9 pm to get me some. To me, that's not that late. Due to road construction I went down Valencia as part of Kinney is closed off. [that doesn't mean much unless you know Tucson].  I'm buzzing along driving the speed limit. There's almost no traffic on the road.  As I passed by the Casino Del Sol, a dark colored car came up behind me.  On came flashing blue [and only blue] lights on the front grill area..  

This was odd.  I pulled over but immediately decided this was likely some fake cop playing games.
I readied by cell phone to call 911 with one hand and drew my 9mm out of the little console that people put tapes and stuff in with the other. Gotta love concealed carry in Arizona. Just flashing blues and heavily tinted windows. The car stopped off some distance  behind me.  I looked back.  I have a suspicion he was looking for a female and when he realized it was a dude he took off. And he took off at a high rate of speed. All I could get was a partial plate. and dark sedan. Not much use.  I don't know the true intent.  Could've been teenagers screwing around. Could've been far more malevolent. 

Well, I pulled into a nearby convenience store.  In a few minutes a deputy sheriff met me there. I was not much help, but at least they know about it.  And that was that. Didn't get any Dr. Pepper. Went back home.

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