Sunday, August 6, 2017

Weird Western Update

Yesterday I was working on the new issue of Science Fiction Trails.  I should call it the choo choo issue. I don't recall but two stories in the first eleven issues that had trains in them.  I've got that in this issue.  The train, or at least robbing the train, is a western staple.  It's almost as popular as robbing the town bank.  That's why I find it odd that train stories have been rare and bank robberies even rarer.  I just don't see many submissions using these storylines. Don't know why.  

Submissions were soft, overall, but that was not unexpected since the  thing has been off the market. Hopefully that'll change for the next issue.  It's hard to build any kind of synergy with an annual publication. Yet we've never sold enough copies or received enough stories to publish more often. In fact, there are no "new" writers in the new issue.  They're the same ones I've relied on in the past. That's fine, although I'd like to see new talent.  It is what it is, I guess.  Waiting for cover art. Issue 12 will be out in September.

Also on the weird western front, I return to weird westerns with Legends of the Dragon Cowboys. That's a book with two novella sized stories featuring Chinese heroes in the Old West.  I team up with Laura Givens. Her Ching Song Ping character is most entertaining..  

My story features a fairly new character called Ling Fung He made his debut in an anthology called Under A Dark Sign. He's back and taking on the Mayan God of Death, Ah Puch. For those who've read my Miles O'Malley stories, (all three of you, ha) Ah Puch is obsessed with converting California into his own personal country in 1880's America.  Ling Fung, both an expert marksman and Kung Fu practitioner finds himself reluctantly taking on this adversary.  He really is much more interested in setting up a gun store.  Americans love guns and he thinks selling them will be the ticket to his prosperity.  A release date is not set.  Things are progressing quickly and I've seen the cover. More info there as it develops.

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