Saturday, September 9, 2017

Bonded Agent

I sure wish a million or so people would buy my science fiction novel, Bonded Agent  You can order it from these places called bookstores and/or from mighty

Now I know that few people will do something just because I said to.  Still, it's actually a good book. The problem with it is the main protagonist.  She's a Martian citizen who works for an insurance company. Ew insurance.  It's true.  Yet it's really a military SF story.  But back to Sarah.  Sarah Meadows turns out to be a genius at military tactics.  She's so good at it, the emperor of  this reptilian race hires her to fight his war against Earth.  Uh oh.  Fight Earth? Yep. As I said, she is a citizen of Mars. Earth is at war with a reptilian race. And the lizard men are sick of being pushed around by a very militaristic Earth. War has broken out and Sarah joins the lizard men.  

Thing is, the typical male science fiction reader seems to prefer that white dude from Earth to be the hero.  There is no white dude from Earth in this book.  There's a strawberry blond chick from Mars. Female readers like this story a lot more than guys do. At least, that's the feedback I've gotten.  Now Sarah's not perfect.  She is a little too fond of Martian Red Ale. And, in one scene, she actually kisses a boy.  Pretty risque stuff, eh. 

So, dear reader, get a couple million of your friends to buy this book in print or ebook formats.  I need motivation to write a sequel. I need more readers who crave Sarah Meadows' return.  We left her, with the war over, unemployed at a bar in Dry Gulch, Mars.  That's no place for Sarah.

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