Saturday, September 16, 2017

Get ready for Halloween

Get ready for Halloween.  It's coming up fast.  Have little Suzie or Johnie go as insurance salesmen. All they need is a second hand suit from a  thrift store and a small briefcase. People are terrified of insurance salesmen. It'll be great.  And don't forget your dog. As I've mentioned before, they LOVe getting dressed up in costume and going around to visit the neighbors.  They also like the extra treats.

Also, put electric lights in your jack-o-lantern.  It works way better than candles.  Oh, and drink some hard cider. We always had apple cider when i was a kid, but it was that sweet crap from the store. Give me some hard cider please and drunk kids will be just more memorable.

More ideas later. Get started on these.

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